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About REM

The largest seller of high-quality pre-owned assistive technology in the region

For nearly 30 years, we have helped our customers to remain active members of their families and communities through access to reasonably priced durable medical equipment.

We Believe

You deserve to acquire equipment on your terms

Faster Access

If you couldn’t access an item before – NOW you can with a refurb! And still get the same performance.

Save Money

Use your money smartly by spending less with high-quality, pre-owned medical equipment up to 90% off the MSRP!

Eliminate Hassle

Get what you need, when you need it without having to jump through hoops getting approval from your insurance.

Measuring Success in New Hampshire
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We get it –
Waiting for equipment you need is challenging.

And your energy is better spent elsewhere.
Whether you have outgrown your equipment or are dealing with deterioration in your physical condition, you should be able to obtain what you need to support your requirements.

Tara Andrews

“My “insurance” has a deductible that was over the cost of a new scooter and I didn’t think I could ever get what I needed. I was so glad I called as I got a great machine at only 25% of its original cost. Now I can get my life back and do things with my boys I just didn’t think would ever be possible again. Thank you Randy and the entire staff for giving me my life back, times 10!!!”

Vincent Mariani

“Fantastic service and clean products.”

Joan Lavoie Tazelaar

“Very helpful and willing to do the entire transaction over the phone. Polite, helpful…great experience. Thanks.”

Babs S.

“Highly recommend! Randal was the sales guy and he also is the one that works on the equipment. Very friendly and very resonable prices. You really wont find better anywhere else.”

Sharon Campbell

“Very friendly, helpful, and no pressure to buy.”

Kelly Braconier

“Nicest guys to work with, great selection, clean and very good pricing, they explained how to use everything! Would highly recommend this company!”

Tara Andrews

“As a disabled Mom there isn’t much extra cash in our family budget for a mobility scooter and I was nervous about calling.  I spoke with Randy and he set my mind at ease immediately. They truly want to find a way to make your purchase of specialized (or basic) medical equipment possible and are careful that you get the correct item for your individual needs”

REM Refurbishing Process – The Lifecycle Of A Powerchair

At REM we lovingly refurbish donated equipment and give it new life in support of a new consumer. In this way, the equipment has ongoing function and avoids premature decline.

  1. Donated equipment is thoroughly examined to determine its potential for refurbishment.
  2. Equipment that qualifies for refurbishment is carefully and painstakingly cleaned both on the surface and internal mechanics. Any worn-out parts or those nearing their end of life are replaced.
  3. Items that have not already been matched with a consumer are photographed and listed for sale on the website.
  4. Interested consumers visit the website and/or the showroom and assess the item’s appropriateness.
  5. If they decide to move forward with the purchase, they take the item home and start using it.

Part of the Granite State Independent Living Family

Granite State Living Independent Living (GSIL) recently acquired Refurbished Equipment Marketplace

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Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote quality of life with independence for people with disabilities through advocacy, information, education, support and transition services.


Interested in supporting REM?

We greatly appreciate your donation of clean, lightly used equipment. We also gratefully accept monetary donations to support REM’s continued operation. Find out more about donating.

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