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Grab Bar Curve

Curve Grab Bar
Supports up to 300lbs
Please note:  Professional installation or knowledge of installing weight supporting

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  • CURVED GRAB BAR: Prevent falls by using a hand-over-hand motion on the ladder-like support handle to stand up from the toilet
  • LADDER-LIKE HANDLE: The ladder-like design provides four handles to be used in a hand-over-hand motion to easily pull yourself up
  • PIVOTS & LOCKS: The curved grab bar rotates 180° and locks into place every 45° to be used in multiple positions
  • HORIZONTAL BAR: The 14 inch horizontal grab bar extends the handle for assistance out of the shower or bathtub or to transfer to a rollator, walker, or wheelchair
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Pivot the curved grab bar to lay flat against the wall to save space in your bathroom
  • MODERN DESIGN: Replace bulky and protruding handrails with the slim and modern white curved handle